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Peace Wall 01
Students in New York create Pieces for Peace artworks in a workshop

Part of CITYarts' program Young Minds Build Bridges, the project Pieces for Peace consists of workshops where students create artwork for CITYarts' Peace Walls, a Traveling Exhibtion, and an Online Exhibition.

Peace Walls

CITYarts currently has four Peace Walls around the world in Harlem, New York, United States United States, Berlin, Israel Germany, Karachi, Pakistan Pakistan, Jaffa, Israel Israel, and London, United KingdomU.K.

United States Peace Wall in Harlem, New York City

In 2005, CITYarts celebrated its 37th year with the Pieces for Peace Mosaic with Youth from Around the World at the Jacob H. Schiff Playground in Harlem, New York. It stretches 213 feet (65 meters) and incorporates artworks submitted by youth from around the world. It was designed to build bridges of cultural understanding and to encourage youth to become active participants in shaping their future.

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The Creative Process

Over 1,000 community volunteers and international youth participated in creating this mosaic. The creative process was led by artist Peter Sis, artist fabricator Dakota Warren and a team of artist assistants R.B. Mor III, Angie Loo, and Chia Yee.

Peace Wall 01
Rock Corps. volunteers work on the wall. Photo: Wendy Nadler

Volunteer Testimonials

Youth work on site

"As the kids within the neighborhood grow up they can have something to look at and enjoy rather than looking at graffiti or defaced walls. I feel that the mosaic brings a great deal of positive energy to the neighborhood. I enjoyed working on the piece; now I can actually show people how I have physically contributed to my community.

"The best thing about this project is how the entire community was involved in building it. A product of the environment, the CITYarts mosaic will continue to be a symbol of growth, unity, and stability in our neighborhoods.” Antonia Singleton, 16 | Frederick Douglass High School

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International Summer Youth Residency

In the summer of 2007, youth from around the world meet to work on the Peace Wall in New York.

summer youth
Sasha, USA; Natali, Israel; Clyde, Namibia; Illaitia, Fiji; Sevine, Germany

Germany Peace Wall in Berlin, Germany

Berlin Wall Group Photo
Artists Imaginary of Berlin Peace Wall

"Mosaic Peace Wall in Berlin." This Mosaic Peace Wall will be produced in the historic Mitte district of the city on a street known to many as the "Street of Tolerance" because of its proximity to the Old Jewish Cemetery, a landmark Protestant church, an historic Catholic hospital, and the Jewish School. In a city once known primarily for being divided, the Peace Wall at a site of such historic and emotional importance will be a significant contribution to both memory and community. This wall will connect - not divide - and it will celebrate the peaceful future that can be realized through the engagement of tomorrow's leaders, while adding further to a site of remembrance and learning.

This summer, CITYarts' 5th global Peace Wall will bring Berlin and multicultural youth together with students and volunteers from diverse EU countries and communities to create a mosaic that reflects on Berlin's complex and often tragic past while looking forward into a future of peace envisioned by today's generation of European youth.

Berlin Wall Group Photo2
People are working for the wall

Pieces for Peace workshops will take place from April to May. The Mosaic Peace Wall will be created from June to August, with the Ribbon Cutting Ceremony in September.

CITYarts will be joined by the Third Generation Initiative, a roup of 30 young American, Israeli and German professionals supported by Allianz. CITYarts Executive and Creative Director, Tsipi Ben-Haim, Israeli American truly believes, "That when kids create, they do not destroy." Ben-Haim will lead the Third Generation Initiative group along with the artists, Maayan Lungman, Israeli; Svenja Teichert, German; and Giuseppe Fornasari, Italian.

The Peace Wall has received the endorsement of a wide range of community leaders, including Martin Schulz, President of the E.U. Parliament; André Schmitz, Berlin State Secretary of Cultural Affairs; Dr. Gideon Joffe, Chairman of the Jewish Community of Berlin; Udo van Kampen, Bureau Chief of ZDF Brussels; and Daniel and Nina Libeskind.

You can support this project by contributing a donation towards the project's budget, which includes personnel, artist fees, art supplies, transportation, equipment, and publicity. Sponsorship opportunities are suggested at the levels of Leading Sponsor (€10.000) or Supporting Sponsor (€5.000). Please contact us or go to our Donate page if you are interested in sponsoring CITYarts' projects.

CITYarts volunteer positions in Berlin are open now. You can DOWNLOAD application form and the press release in either English or German.

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Pakistan Peace Wall in Karachi, Pakistan

Kirachi Wall Group Photo
Youth work on site in Kirachi, Pakistan

"The mosaic was a refreshing experience, an experience which makes you proud of yourself. It makes you realize that there is so much you can do for this world and makes you feel proud of it. It makes me proud because I contributed towards making my country better looking and beautiful and maybe what I did was not even a drop in the bucket – but it still counts. It has affected me in a very strange way – it has made me think about things other than myself." Saba Zaman, 16 | The Lyceum School, Karachi, Pakistan

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United Kingdom Peace Wall in London, U.K.

In the summer of 2012, the Young Minds Build Bridges program created a Peace Wall in London during the Olympic Games. Professional artists Sadie Edginton and Joanna Nowek conducted workshops involving multi-cultural youth and visitors to the Olympics.

"The wall is absolutely beautiful, and to be given the chance to do some of the final strokes was a great honour and something that will stick with me forever. Being a young person, it was very heartwarming to see how much we are valued in society , and the work you’ve done with the kids on the peace wall showed exactly that. If I left this event with one message, it would be that we as young people CAN change the world." Yara Shaikh

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Israel Peace Wall in Jaffa, Israel

Kirachi Wall Group Photo
Tsipi Ben-Haim and Nadio Hilo with Israeli youth

After two years, CITYarts has completed its Mosaic Peace Wall in Jaffa, Tel Aviv. The mosaic is the fourth Peace Wall in the world and the first in Israel through CITYarts' "Pieces for Peace" international youth art project.

Under the direction of two artists, one Jewish and one Arab, art workshops were held in Jaffa, Tel Aviv and took place at the home base of the after school programs – at 35 schools, the Arab-Hebrew Theatre of Yafo, the Peres Center for Peace, and others. The artworks created by youth influenced the maquette that was designed by the two artists with final input of our leading collaborators and CITYarts' Executive & Artistic Director, Tsipi Ben-Haim. The maquette was then transferred onto the wall in Ajami/Gabalia with the full collaboration of over 800 neighborhood youth and the workshop participants through our educational partners.

Sponsors for the project include: Allianz, Badr Jafar, Nina & Daniel Libeskind, Club Hotel, and News Corporation

The completed Peace Wall Ribbon Cutting Celebration, April 2011

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The Peace Wall Mosaic, process 2010

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View More Photos Here.

Peace Wall 01
Peace Wall Israel - Pieces for Peace Artwork inspiration.
See some of the Pieces for Peace Artwork inspiration Here.

Traveling Exhibitions

Pieces for Peace has traveled all over the world. We've been in five different countries.

Peace Wall 01
Traveling Exhibition

United States Venues

United States Flushing Town Hall

Queens, NY
Sept. 11th - Oct. 9th, 2005

United States Cork Gallery, Avery Fisher Hall

Lincoln Center
Manhattan, NY
May 24th - Jun. 13th, 2006

United States The JCC in Manhattan

Manhattan, NY
Jul. 20th - Sept. 6th, 2006

United States Papermill Playhouse

Millburn, NJ
Sept. 20th - Oct. 22nd, 2006

United States The Gabarron Foundation

Manhattan, NY
Mar. 1st - Apr. 30th, 2007

United States The German House

Manhattan, NY
Mar. 3st - Mar. 6th 2009
view photos

United States The United Nations

Manhattan, NY
Dec. 15, 2009 - Feb. 15, 2010
view photos

United States American International Toy Fair

Javits Center, Manhattan, NY
Feb. 14, 2010 - Feb. 19, 2010

United States Ana Tzarev Gallery

Manhattan, NY
Apr. 22, 2010 - May. 04, 2010
view photos

International Venues

Germany St. Anna’s School

Munich, Germany
Jun. 2007

Germany Haus der Kunst

Munich, Germany
Jul. 2007

Eygpt iEARN International Youth Conference

Cairo, Egypt
Jul. 21st - Jul. 26th, 2007

Israel Beit Sokolov Center for Journalists

Tel Aviv, Israel
Sept. 20th - Oct. 11th, 2007

Spain Museo Fundación Cristóbal

Valladolid, Spain
Oct. 2007

Belgium European Parliament

Brussels, Belgium
Oct. 2009
view photos

Spain Fundacion Marcelino Botin

Santander, Spain
Oct. 2010 -
view photos

France Association Memoire de l'Avenir

Paris, France
May. 2011

Germany The Allianz Forum

Berlin, Germany
Dec. 2011
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PIeces for peace workshops

Workshop at PS 87 in Manhattan
Peaces for Peace Workshop at PS 87 in Manhattan.

Youth have participated in numerous workshops in schools and recreation centers where they brainstorm peace imagery and create their unique 6 x 6 in artworks. Find out how to set up a workshop here.

Pieces for peace Anthem

In June 2007, St. Anna-Schulverbund, a school in Germany that participated in Pieces for Peace, collaborated with CITYarts to create a “Pieces for Peace” song. This song was performed during the opening of the exhibition at the Haus der Kunst in Munich, Germany.

One by one
They come touch your hearts,
One by one
They open the minds.
Rise wonder, surprise, and tears.
Their spirit moves your soul,
They bring your dream to life.

They are the light, the light of tomorrow,
Pieces for Peace, Pieces for Peace.

One by one
A circle they form,
One by one
They’re all holding hands.
In all colors from ‘round the globe,
Like a rainbow of wishes and thoughts,
They plant the seed of hope.

They are the light…

Lyrics by Tsipi Ben-Haim |
Music by Peter F. Schneider |
Arranged by Christian Schneider
Bigband and Choir of Günter-Stöhr-Gymnasium, Munich/Icking |
Conducted by Christian Schneider, Susanne Pausch
Vocals: Fenja Lukas
Recorded and mastered at Realistic Sound Studio, Munich |
By Florian H. Oestreicher |
Sponsored by Allianz
© 2008, St-Anna-Schulverbund Icking, Germany (music)
© 2008, CITYarts, New York, USA (lyrics) all rights reserved

Special Thanks to Allianz for Sponsoring the “Pieces for Peace”Anthem

Online Exhibition

Below are a selection of works from around the world.

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